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No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry

No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry, Waterboro, MaineNo Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry is a pet food pantry offering dog and cat food, treats, toys, cat litter and puppy pads free for those in need. No Bowl Empty is a judgement free zone. If you need help we are here to help.

After several years in animal rescue I started No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry in May of 2015. I was running in to more and more families surrendering their pets because they had fallen on hard times and could not afford to feed them or they were elderly and being forced to choose between their medications and food for their pets. Surrendering a beloved pet is very hard on both the humans and the pets. Many surrendered pets do not do well physically or emotionally in a shelter environment.

Pets are not just pets, they are family members, companions and emotional support. No one should be forced to surrender their pet because they are unable to afford pet food. Life is not always easy and tough times happen to us all. Here at No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry we hope to ease the burden just a little.

Our commitment to the community

No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry, our commitment to the communityAs of August 1, 2018 we are helping to feed 384 dogs and cats each month. Just like human food banks, we depend on community support and donations of food, litter, treats and toys or money to keep us operating.

We have made a commitment to the community to help those going through hard times to feed and care for their pets and we have made a commitment to the homeless living on the streets with their pets to help feed and care for them. Part of this commitment (a very important part for the homeless) is helping with flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative. We are the only resource the homeless have for help with their pets. Both of these preventatives are expensive and there is no way we can afford to honor our commitment without the help of our supporters.

Alone this is an impossible task, but together we can do this!

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